A Special Object

I practice minimalism. I do not attach much meaning to things or objects. But, gun to my head if I had to choose an object that has special meaning in my life that I could never bring myself to throw away, it would be The Raven painting. It brings me joy when I see it. It makes me feel lucky to have talent and people who love me. My mother commissioned The Raven on my behalf from one of my art teachers.

My teacher is a professional artist, and she knew me very well. She created this piece specifically for me, and no one else in the world has it. It represents her idea of me, and she is someone whom I idolize. If I could model myself after a woman, it would be her. She is loving and gives openly of herself and her gifts to everyone who crosses her path. She has the deepest smile lines around her eyes from a lifetime of joy. Her intuition cuts to the core of your soul and understands what you’re trying to say before you say it. She is not concerned with vanity or trivial pursuits. Her long grey hair, unbrushed, flies around with abandon unless she is creating, in which case it’s up in a bun.

This Raven painting reminds me of her and how much she means to me. I don’t talk to her anymore. I wish I kept in touch. But she touched my life most profoundly, and I won’t forget her.

The details on The Raven are impressive. The edge of each feather different from the one before it, with lines jutting out in the direction of the wind that only The Raven can feel. Her face set in determination and strength; nothing stands in her way.

For more information on the spirituality of Ravens check out this article: https://www.spiritanimal.info/raven-spirit-animal/

Published by Liz Southers

Liz Southers, the founder, and CEO of The Fine Print was born to be a writer. She is a sought-after writing and marketing expert in South Florida for resumes, cover letters, blog writing, press releases, grant writing, and ghostwriting. Her work portfolio includes press releases for Keller Williams Real Estate, The Keyes Company Real Estate, The University of Florida Food and Agricultural Sciences, Florida Oceanographic Society, and Thrivent Financial, with publishings by the F*** Heroin Foundation, TC Palm, and michaelbrue.com. Liz loves living in Stuart, Florida, and is happy to call it her forever home. She lives with her husband James, their sons Wesley and Brody, dog Mae, cat Luna and pet pigs Mojo and Amelia. lsouthers@thefineprint.services (754) 208-7024

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  1. Liz,

    This is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. You are quite a writer. You must forward this piece to robin. I would if you give me permission

    Love you

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