Follow These Motivators To Thrive In Your Career

Instagram has unlimited entertainment utilities, but did you know it can also help you find your next job? You won’t believe what you can discover when you elevate your social media mindset. It’s okay to scroll, but try to have an intention and keep some of the best motivators on Instagram at the forefront so you can thrive in your career.

Instagram and Your Career

Almost every major company and small business are on Instagram- follow them. Your dream employer is on there posting content about industry trends and their company culture. Consider it a free study guide. As if that’s not enough, you can also set yourself apart and network with the company through likes, comments, and shares. When an employee shares or comments on a photo, interact with them and add value.

In some career fields, a savvy social media presence can set you apart from other candidates. Consider your social media presence another layer of branding and credibility for future employers. Identify how you want to market yourself to prospective employers and leverage your social media profiles to gain a competitive edge.

Instagram’s Algorithm and You

In the last two years, Instagram had a 20% surge, with 37% of recruiters now using it as part of the perfect candidate search. Let me clarify, that does not mean all of your job-hunting efforts should be limited to the Instagram platform, this merely another layer of branding for your success. Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are always the trailblazers of your introduction.

The Instagram Algorithm works like a center of influence or networking community, grouping people together with common interests. The more you follow certain people, the more Instagram’s algorithm will help you. You can follow associations, professionals, companies, and influencers to stay on top of new developments, trends, and job opportunities.

The Best Career Motivators To Follow On Instagram

Get the inside scoop on what prospective employers are doing by following them. You can also follow specific hashtags like #hiring, #werehiring, and #jobs to stay ahead of the competition. We’re breaking down our favorite career motivators on Instagram so you can be outstanding in your job search.

#5- Career Christen

Career Christen offers career advice, daily inspiration and shares her experience about being a Latina woman working in technology.

#4- Bossed Up

Bossed Up encourages you to make radical progress in your career. Bossed Up is a career services company that equips women and marginalized people with the tools and community to create progress on their terms.

#3- Gary Vee

If you want career advice, minus any hand-holding, follow Gary Vaynerchuk. He offers unapologetic advice on what it takes to reach your career goals.

#2- Jess Lively

Jess’s beautifully curated account offers beautiful visuals and inspiration for a life filled with intention. Jess believes that an intentional life leads to an intentional career. Her mission is to share a deeper and more effective approach to life than simply following the “hustle and grind” methods to “success,” she started exploring these topics through blogging in 2009 and The Lively Show podcast in 2014.

#1- Fast Company

Fast Company’s Insta feed is chock full of educational posts and wisdom to grow your knowledge of the business world. Use this account to stay on top of up-and-coming trends and businesses.

The Best Career Motivators On Instagram

Your Social Media Branding

Social media allows you to cultivate and advertise your brand to demonstrate your skills, values, and professionalism. You can use your brand to establish credibility and increase your visibility to prove that you are a great candidate. For more career motivation and development support reach out!

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