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What services do you offer?

We are a team of continuously educated and passionate writers. We have an extensive catalog specializing in custom resumes.

Our services include:

 1. Custom Resume Writing  

Your professionally written resume will outshine the competition. We have created a customized resume format that we use exclusively, which is more than just a bullet point list. We’ll work one-on-one to highlight your professional experience, accomplishments, projects, software skills, training, and education.

Our services include creating a custom resume with unlimited edits and updates until we get it perfect.

 2. Cover Letter Composition

Cover letters are an accompaniment expanding on the information in your resume.

 3. Biography Writing

Do you need a short bio or extensive bio, written quickly and professionally? Perhaps you’re a musician needing a unique profile to get more gigs? Alternatively, maybe you’re a company manager that needs short bios of its board of directors?

People often come to the “Magician of the short bio,” Liz Southers, and say, “I need you to write my bio or profile, but I’ve got a bunch of information about myself, and I don’t know where to start.” That’s where we come in. Just send us your information, and we will craft a fantastic picture for your readers to enjoy.

 4. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters are writers for hire who take money, but none of the credit for the work produced. The original writer, or author, is hiring the ghost as a freelance writer to provide copywriter work. The author takes all the credit for all the work, including all the ghostwriter’s original writing. The ghost, whom you pay in advance of completing the job, gets the money as a “work for hire” job and assumes none of the credit for the ghostwriting work.

5. Freelance Writing Projects

Whether you need a simple essay, an article or press release, a professional presentation for work, or a heartfelt wedding vow, you will get detailed one-on-one assistance.

How do I get started? 

It’s easy! Just send us an email with your current resume, and we will take it from there! We will need to know what jobs you’re interested in applying for so we can gear the resume precisely.

How do I pay?

We invoice all of our services to keep accurate records of sales. You will receive a deposit invoice from our PayPal invoicing system, and as soon as payment is received, work can commence.

Upon final approval at project completion, you will receive a final invoice, and as soon as you pay, you will receive all of your completed projects.


Pay My Resume Deposit

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